We are looking forward to this litter with great expectations.  The pedigree is packed with Hall of Fame dogs and NAVHDA Versatile Champions.  This litter will produce natural bird dogs that will be bidable and hard hunting, perfect for the hunter or the competitor.  Both sire and dam adhere to the standard and are all day hunting dogs.


Remi is an accomplished hunter, working on his MH and also competing in Field Trials working on his "DC".  He is a hard hunting, hard driving dog that is a pleasure to hunt behind.

Dede carries years of selective breeding in her pedigree.  She is a hard driving hunter in the field and a snuggler in the house.  She has become my go to grouse hunter with very minimal training.  We will be working on our SH and MH in 2016.  Dede has 9 show points and just needs her majors to finish her Championship.  

GCH Blanch's Remington High Velocity, SH  x  Honey Run's Remember When, JH

2016 - Spring/summer litter 

Honey Run Shorthairs and Beagles

Since the "switch" was thrown in his head about a month ago, Tye has developed far faster than I had nerve to hope for. By my faulty memory, I estimate that he has had about 45 grouse contacts and an equal number of woodcock finds in that time period. Each of the last ten days has seen him become more "careful" once he scents a bird and his time on point has increased dramatically, without budging an eyelash. Not bad for a puppy that is still suckling on his blankie and my finger.

Thank you Cindy.

New Brunswick, CAN